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YouTube is Giving Twitch a Hard Time by Offering Free Premium Subscriptions

Even though Twitch is a live-streaming service entirely concentrated on gaming, YouTube is allegedly still feeling at risk because of it. YouTube, the popular online streaming platform, is always looking for new methods to enhance the services it provides, as well as trying to exceed its competition.

This is the reason why the fact that YouTube ​has now started to offer people free Premium subscriptions should not be a surprise. The move is identical to that of Twitch, which is also offering free channel subscriptions for Amazon Prime users.

YouTube is Now Giving Away Free Premium Subscriptions

Numerous reports from YouTube ​users claim they are now getting the option to choose a free channel membership. This subscription comes with a cost of $5 per month, and it functions in a similar way to Twitch channel membership. However, the intriguing thing about this option is the fact that it has been offered to only a limited number of YouTube ​users for free.

As it stands, YouTube ​is, at the moment, testing the free Premium subscription option. Hence, YouTube ​users would get a lot by keeping their eyes open at the opportunities they are given when attempting to acquire the subscription because the option to register for free might be accessible to all users in the near future.

Twitch Streamers are Leaving the Platform

The only huge advantage that Twitch has over its rivals is the massive amount of entertaining streamers. Even so, the live-streaming platform’s most renowned personalities are now leaving the platform for Microsoft’s Mixer and YouTube.

This might be the reason behind YouTube’s free testing of the Premium subscription, as it intends to give Twitch streamers more reasons to swift over. It probably won’t be long until YouTube ​starts signing deals with Twitch streamers, just like Mixer is now doing.

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