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Microsoft is shutting down Internet Explorer in the coming months

the browser’s icons will disappear from windows devices. A specific date wasn’t mentioned; however, the shutdown is expected to Microsoft announced that it will be shutting down Internet Explorer in the coming months. This will be done to migrate users to the faster and more secure Edge browser.

In a blog post by Sean Lyndersay, General Manager of Microsoft Edge Enterprise, it was announced that Internet Explorer has now officially been retired and will be out of support. As such, in the coming months, users who try to open Internet Explorer will be redirected to the newer Microsoft Edge browser instead.

It has been 27 years since Internet Explorer was first introduced on Windows PCs and the company acknowledges that it is finally time to let go. The main reason was that “incremental improvements to Internet Explorer couldn’t match the general improvements to the web at large”.

Still, users will be able to use Microsoft Edge via “IE mode” to access certain sites that require the use of Internet Explorer. The company is committed to supporting IE mode in Microsoft Edge through at least 2029 to help users access specific content only compatible with the older browser.

Eventually, Internet explorer will be shut down permanently in a future Windows Update, where occur in the coming months.

While Internet Explorer was widely regarded as the best web browser in the early 2000s, nowadays it has become more of a meme and relic of the past. With the release of faster, safer, and more modern options such as Google Chrome, Microsoft struggled to keep up with the competition. As a result, Microsoft released the Edge browser in 2015, and it will now act as a replacement for Internet Explorer which helps overcome the security flaws and lagging performance of its predecessor. It was only a matter of time until the older browser got phased out to make room for the chromium-based Edge.

Thankfully, this shutdown will likely not affect the majority of users as most have already moved on to newer browsers. According to Statcounter, Internet Explorer occupies less than 0.3% of the total browser market share. Furthermore, Microsoft aims to make the transition to Edge seamless by letting users carry over their bookmarks, passwords, and history from Internet Explorer to other browsers. This can be done in Edge through the settings menu by selecting import browser data and specifying which information you would like to carry over.

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