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GTA Online: Newfound Glitch Can Make You Filthy Rich

Players are still having a lot of fun while playing GTA Online, despite the fact that a lot of Grand Theft Auto fans are desperately waiting for the arrival of GTA 6 or at least a release date for it. The online mode for GTA 5 (aka GTA Online) is constantly being updated with discounts, new cars, and new challenges.

But making your character extremely wealthy in GTA Online can always be a good thing. You can use in-game money for buying cars, houses, running businesses, and so on. Any new GTA Online player is receiving by default $500,000 in-game money just for creating an account. However, a newfound glitch is raising the stakes a lot higher.

Players received the amount of money more than once

Although it was initially planned that Rockstar would give that amount of in-game money only once towards a player, a bug causes the money to keep flooding the Maze Bank accounts of the GTA Online players.

Many users have reported in the Grand Theft Auto section of Reddit that they got paid their $500,000 in-game money more than once. Reddit user u/Mattelon started a discussion where he claims to receive the amount of money three times in one week, and other people in the comments had been saying that a similar thing happened for them as well.

3rd time this week from GTA

When is GTA 6 coming out?

This is perhaps the most asked question in 2020 among the community of gamers. Rumors and speculations kept flooding the internet about when GTA 6 is coming out and how the game will be. Unfortunately, the only fully reliable source is Rockstar, as Ned Luke (the voice actor for Michael from GTA 5) said it loud and clear via Instagram:

How do all these people get all this information?,

People, do you not understand? Do not believe anything you see on the Internet from BossManF***TheWorld, or whatever his name is, or any of those guys,

They’re just clickbait. If you hear it from Rockstar, then you know.

Therefore, maybe you should forget about GTA 6 at least for a bit and hop into GTA Online with your friends. Furthermore, it’s highly probable that most GTA 5 players cannot be upset for receiving any amount of in-game money.




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