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Street Fighter V: Champion Edition – The Story That Left Nintendo Switch Fans Furious

The story in a nutshell — It all started with a tweet from EB Games Canada. Fans were thrilled. Then the producer of the game made a statement. Fans were sad.

It seems that the owners of Nintendo Switch would not be getting Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. ED Games Canada has released a statement, explaining that it was all their fault.

EB Games Canada posted a tweet advertising for the Street Fighter V: Champion Edition game for Nintendo Switch. Then, they said: “Please note that the details in this tweet were inaccurate, and were posted in error. The intention of the tweet was to highlight the PlayStation 4 version of the game. We apologize for any disappointment or confusion this may have caused.”

The Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Left Nintendo Switch Fans Furious

Yoshinori Ono, who is the producer of Street Fighter, said that, right now, a version of Street Fighter V for Switch does not exist. Street Fighter V fans are disappointed and sad. They were hoping for a portable version of the game. But those of own a PS4 could not be happier since they are getting this version soon.

Neither Capcom nor Nintendo talked about any plans for a Street Fighter V port to the Nintendo Switch. This means that the EB Games Canada post was completely random, and gave hope to a lot of players that are now sad, especially by saying that the game will be available for pre-order soon. If it were true, then this would have shown the very first time the game meets the console.

Capcom announced the Street Fighter V: Champion Edition game, stating that it will hit the market on the 14th of February, 2020. The game will come with Gill as a playable fighter once again.



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