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Women Provided Much More Child Care Than Men During Pandemic

A new study from the Center for Global Development has found that women provided significantly more additional child care than men. In the past year, the coronavirus pandemic has seen governments around the world impose mandated lockdowns, forcing businesses and schools to shut their doors for long periods of time. …

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Firstly Launches New Family Financial Wellness Content Platform

Site features articles and podcast designed specifically for the Sandwich Generation NEW YORK — FirstlySM the first Family Financial Management brand, launched today at Firstly.com. Firstly focuses on challenges faced by families in the “sandwich squeeze” — defined as people in the middle of raising kids and helping their parents …

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England Slaps Prohibitive Charges on Plastic Bags

Prohibitive Charges on Plastic Bags

The use of single-use plastic bag has declined by 95% since a 5p levy on the bags was introduced in England in 2015. On average, a consumer now buys only 4 single-use plastic bags a year from major supermarkets – an astounding drop from 140 in 2014. However, the government …

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