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Facebook Lite Beta Is Available With Improvements

Facebook remains the most popular social media network in the world. It totals billions of users, and their number is growing. The Facebook app, available on both Android and iOS, for its part, helps people connect to the platform on the go. But, for low- and mid-range smartphones, Facebook Lite is the ideal option.

In this article, we’ll talk about the newly launched Facebook Lite Beta for Android. This new release only brings speed and performance improvements, along with bug fixes.

About Facebook Lite

We all know how Facebook works, in general. The Facebook app offers the same features as the web-based version of the platform, except for the chat function that, for both Android and iOS, comes as standalone apps known as Facebook Messenger and Facebook Messenger Lite.

The standard Facebook app looks stylish and comes with multiple features. Also, it consumes more mobile data and resources. That might be an issue on low- and mid-range devices. Facebook Lite comes into help. However, the Lite variant has the same functions and features as the original Facebook app.

Even more, Facebook Lite allows users to send messages directly from the application. But this feature is not as complex as Facebook Messenger or Facebook Messenger Lite. But that’s an interesting “extra” over the Facebook app.

Facebook Lite Beta for Android Launched

Today, Facebook Lite Beta rolled out. The new version doesn’t bring any new features or visual changes. However, it brings some bug fixes, along with speed, stability, and performance improvements. Remember that this release is Beta, meaning that some of its features might be unstable.

If you want to test Facebook Lite Beta releases, you can become a Beta Tester for Facebook on Google Play Store. You will need an active Google Account for that, and you will also have access to Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Messenger Lite Beta versions.



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