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Pokémon Sword and Shield Tips and Tricks – All You Need To Know

Pokémon Sword and Shield is the latest game from the series, and beyond what you already know about the basic game, we can give you extra tips about the gameplay.

In Sword and Shield, you have the same monster chase and catch them, and all your journey through the game will come with capturing Pokémon and collect Gym badges. After the tasks and missions are complete, you must make your way to becoming the Pokémon League Champion.

If you played the previous games, you must know that the new title is coming with improvements and changes. The world that you are exploring is vast, and you will face Pokémon with a higher level, new Pokémon that you haven’t seen before, and new items. For Nintendo users, the game is available on Switch from 15 November.

Pokémon Sword and Shield Tips and Tricks

The first thing when you start your adventure in the game, you will encounter an item named the Amulet Coin. This item will help you to earn more money if you win the battle. If your Pokémon is holding the Amulet Coin and wins, a double victory for you! Besides the Amulet Coin, you can buy the Luck Incense from Hulbury.

Also, keep an eye on the Max Raid Den you find in your journey through the Wild Area. Always keep looking for the pile of light from the dens and interact with it. The dens will help you in the Max Raid Battle and will give you Watts. The Watts are like coins so you can use them in exchange for other items or goods.

Moreover, in the Wild area, you will find mushrooms and pearls. The only use for them is to sell them at the Poke Market to the twin vendors from Stow-on Side. Keep in mind that the twin from the left is offering you extra money for your items. If you are starting the game with the thought in mind to catch every Pokémon, relax. You can battle with every Pokémon you want, but you can’t find them for the first time. Keep in mind that at some level, you can catch them, and until then, you can gather experience.

Finally, Pokemon Sword and Shield is offering you the feature of camping with your Pokemon, to cook, and to share experiences with it. The cooking part is not just for fun, because you will cook curry that will help your team to heal or revive. Don’t neglect the fact that your little monsters can take a job, and after a time, they will come with rewards.



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