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The Dark Theme of WhatsApp is Awaited for iPhones

With over 1.5 billion users, WhatsApp is the world’s most used instant messaging app. It doesn’t show any signs that it will not become even more used in the future, either  Therefore, making the app better in any way possible should be a priority. After bringing the long-awaited dark mode for Android users, now the developers of WhatsApp will also make it available for the owners of iPhones.

While a lot of people would say that a dark theme is not an improvement, we must say that it has some benefits: saving battery life, relaxing the eyes, etc.

It’s currently on the testing phase

Those people who have iPhones shouldn’t get too excited yet since the dark mode of the Facebook-owned app for iOS is, for the moment, just in the testing phase.  To access that dark mode option for iPhones, you need to get in Apple’s TestFlight platform, which is not an easy task. We don’t have a release time for dark mode of WhatsApp yet, but it’s very likely that it will be rolling out soon.

But is the dark mode of WhatsApp really what iOS users need right now? Judging by the way it was received already for Android, the owners of iPhones might get a nasty surprise.

The Android version disappointed

Many people had been complaining about WhatsApp’s dark theme for Android phones. One of them is product marketing expert Fabian Nappenbach, who wiped the floor with the new feature in a tweet:

Years in the making, the dark mode of WhatsApp is bad in so many details.

Try it with any of the provided wallpapers. No, find any wallpaper that does not look stupid with those colours. And ofc there is no real black option. Is it so hard just to copy Telegram?

Hopefully, the iOS version will be much better and the developers had learned something from their mistakes. Do you want that dark theme on your own phone?



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