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Pokemon Go To Receive Landorus Legendary Pokemon In A Future Event

Niantic has announced that the next legendary Pokemon that will be featured in the hit game Pokemon Go is Landorus, the chief of the Forces of Nature Pokemon group. It has a double type in the form of Ground and Flying, and many players argue it is the strongest of the trio.

Players will have the opportunity to catch the Pokemon during five-star raids that will be available in April. The official schedule mentions that the raids will start on March 31 a 1:00 pm PDT, and they will no longer be available after April 21 at the same hour. The other two Forces of Nature Pokemon were also a part of 5-star raids, and the choice makes sense. Landorus will be available as an encounter reward for those who manage to achieve rank for or better in the Battle League.

Legendary Pokemon Landorus to Come to Pokemon Go

Despite the upcoming addition, Niantic has encouraged Pokemon Go players to stay at home due to concerns related to the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing has become a practice across people from all over the world in an attempt to avoid direct contact with people who might be infected with the virus.

While Niantic has displayed an excellent approach towards the new pandemic, it can be said that the developer will be affected by it in the following months, as many players who don’t wish to leave their houses will tend to be less willing to pay for in-game goods with real-world money.

Those who live close to locations where the five-star raids will take place will enjoy a better opportunity to catch the Pokemon in theory, but a lower number of players may bolster the overall difficulty of the encounter or make it impossible to finish in some cases. It is likely that Niantic is working on other changes that could improve the gameplay experience, but only time will tell.



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