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Pokemon Go: Zekrom guide to win


Guess who is showing up in Pokemon Go raids now? Ever since Reshiram disappeared, Zekrom has been making an appearance in Pokemon Go raids. The Dragon/Electric-type Legendary Pokemon is now the official focus of the five-star raids. June 16 brought Zekrom into the spotlight.  The question is: how to take …

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Pokemon Go Sinnoh Throwback Challenge


Pokemon Go lovers get ready for the new challenge! Throwback Challenge for the Sinnoh region is on starting today, May 22, until May 29. That means the players will see the Pokemon from the Sinnoh region more often. On top of that, more hatching out of seven-kilometer eggs! This is …

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How to get Shedinja in Pokemon GO


This article is about the elusive bug that came back into the Pokemon GO game. The bug Pokemon is called Shedinja, and we are going to help you get it!  Shedinja is back into the game. Looking back at the past Pokemon games, we can see a few concrete steps …

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Pokemon GO Introduces New Spring Event

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Niantic surprised Pokemon Go fans with its latest announcement. Once with the arrival of spring, a brand new event is ready to take players by storm. Similar to other events, there are lots of new stuff and features available. From a certain Pokemon wearing a flower headgear, Pikachu wearing lovely …

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Pokemon Go To Introduce A Mysterious Pokemon Soon

Niantic teases the upcoming release of a new mysterious Pokemon in Pokemon Go. A teaser black outline was shared on a popular social media platform, and it is accompanied by a text which mentions that the Pokemon looks at Trainers and Pokémon with an uncanny interest. It appears that it …

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Fix Most Pokemon Go Issues With These Tips

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular smartphone games in the world, attracting millions of active players each month. The popular title may have been released a long time ago, but many fans fell in love with it thanks to a series of steady updates and a wealth of …

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Play Pokemon GO And Become a Pro While Staying Home

Pokemon GO is a fun game ready to cure your boredom while you’re staying home. Find Pikachu, meet some Seedots, and participate in Raids. The greatest mission is to catch new Pocket Monsters and become the best trainer. Pokemon GO supports offering you lots of events to enjoy, tasks, and …

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