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Facebook Is Testing New Tabs for News Feed

Facebook is doing its best to improve the app, so the company is testing new features. One of the new features is creating new tabs for the News Feed. The idea is to help the user to sort their content. This will mean that with the new feature, you can sort your content into three categories, for example. Having this new feature on the app will give the user the possibility to find a post easier than before, without going mad after scrolling so much content.

Facebook Will Add New Tabs for Content

The idea of the new feature is to form three categories, such as Most Recent, Most Relevant, and Already Seen. This will give you the possibility to sort your content and search through it. The idea of the new feature is still in the prototype phase. The famous security researcher, Manchung Wong, was the one who tweeted about the prototype. He is responsible for reverse-engineers apps, new features, and vulnerabilities.

So, with the implementation of this new feature, users will find content quickly, and then share, like, or comment at a specific post will be easy as well. A spokesperson from Facebook declared that the team is testing ways to give their users an easy way to find posts and anything they want. Users will well receive the idea of this new feature. A lot of us are scrolling through Facebook to find something, especially. And this task could take a while, especially if your news feed is full of news and posts.

All in all, having this New Tab feature on Facebook will give users the possibility to have an alternative for the posts they see. A selection for the Most Relevant tab will be in your hands, and you will scroll in there. At this moment, the app has only the Most Recent tab, after the feature will appear in the app, we will see three tabs.



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