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Top Moments When Frieza Was a Really Nice Guy in Dragon Ball

Frieza is arguably the evilest villain in the Dragon Ball franchise, but he had his little moments when he was actually a nice guy. Frieza exterminated almost the entire Saiyan race and used to kill anyone he could with no sign of remorse. He was a mighty intergalactic tyrant that often gets hurt more in his pride and ego rather than physically. However, Goku managed to hurt Frieza badly in both ways back in Dragon Ball Z, but also in Super.

Frieza even managed to surprise a lot of fans with his contributions in the Tournament Of Power from Dragon Ball Super, helping the good guys in their struggle to save the entire Universe. Frieza had a good reason to participate, though, considering that Goku promised to fully restore him to life with the dragon balls. Now let’s dive right into the subject:

4. Defeating Dyspo

Dyspo managed to give the Z warriors a lot of headaches in the Tournament Of Power, but Frieza eliminated him while being allied with Gohan. Dyspo possessed incredible fighting skills, including light speed movement, but he was still no match for Gohan and Frieza collaborating in a great way. This was an unexpected move from the former intergalactic tyrant, considering that he had his differences in the past with the son of the fighter he hates the most: Goku.

3. Fighting Aniraza

Aniraza gave Goku & co. a tough time in the Tournament Of Power, being significantly stronger than pretty much any fighter taken individually. The fiend had a terrifying attack that could be described as teleporting punches and kicks – Aniraza was practically moving his limbs through wormholes in spacetime, and dodging such hits was practically impossible for Goku, Vegeta, and the others. It took for the combined forces of the Z warriors and Frieza to take down the powerful foe. Each fighter released his most powerful beam at Aniraza. Frieza participated without hesitation, and he deserves our credit for that.

2. Helping Goku out

Frieza saved Goku from getting eliminated from the Tournament Of Power twice. The former tyrant gave Goku energy so that he can recover after a battle with Jiren, returning the favor for what happened on Namek long ago. Frieza also pushed Goku back in the arena when our hero was nearly eliminated by Aniraza. For a villain who would kill his foes in their sleep, these two actions were really impressive especially considering that they were made for his greatest enemy.

1. Fighting alongside Goku for eliminating Jiren

Who would have thought that Goku and Frieza will be the heroes of an arc? We can consider that it happened in that precise way, although the whole Tournament Of Power was a battle royale where every good fighter participated in his own way for the salvation of the entire Universe. Jiren was the most powerful opponent that Goku ever had to face, but slowly the good guys managed to weaken him a lot. The guy looked unbeatable, as not even the Spirit Bomb had any effect on him. With their last efforts, Goku and Frieza worked together for the first and maybe the last time in order to push Jiren out of the arena.

Judging by the tremendous help that Frieza offered in the Tournament Of Power from Dragon Ball Super, plenty of fans of the franchise speculated that the former tyrant will be added to the long list of characters that became good guys. Piccolo, Vegeta, Majin Buu, and Dabura are already on that list. It would indeed by awkward for a character like Frieza to become good, but in Dragon Ball it all seems possible. Let us know your own opinion on the subject!



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