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Sony Unveils 5 Upcoming Beautiful PS4 Games – Trailers and Info

In a time when we’re all encouraged to stay home as much as possible, it’s nice to see that so many companies are joining forces for providing us extra reasons for not wasting our time outside. Since gaming is such an important part for the lives of many of us, some compelling virtual environments should always keep us busy at home.

Sony just unveiled 5 upcoming games for its PlayStation 4 console, in a moment when nobody was expecting such a decision. The games are not to be ignored at all, and we’ll show some info and footage about each of them.

John Wick Hex

If you want to be in charge of a badass dude who can be a killer, an artist, a banker, a dancer, and much more simultaneously, than this is the game for you. With a Saint Row 3 vibe for the soundtrack, John Wick Hex was released on October 8 last year for Microsoft Windows and macOS, with plans for becoming available on consoles later. The game mixes both strategy and action features, and it will land on PS4 consoles on May 5 this year.


If you ever wondered how you would adapt on a mysterious island after getting your ship wrecked and sinked, than Windbound is for you. The game presents such a scenario, and the player will have to guide a girl named Kara to adapt to the wilderness of the island. The game is unfolding features of both survival and crafting, and will further stimulate a lot the gaming skills of the players. The PlayStation blog says about the game:

As players progress through the world they’ll uncover the history of the ancient people, their relationship with the sea and the mysterious sea creatures that still swim beneath the waves. Survival will be their initial focus, but the world is also rich with materials they can use to craft items to make their journey easier.

Windbound will become available for PlayStation 4 consoles starting August 28.


Perhaps all boys wanted to become astronauts when they were little, and Boundary is arriving for PS4 consoles to grant those old wishes of ours. With stunningly beautiful graphics, and embarking the player for a unique quest, the game has an exciting experience to offer.

During a blog post made by the game’s producer, Yongliang “CT” Cui, the guy said:

First-person shooters are a classic genre,

Having been enjoyed by players across different environments and time periods including wars, cities… and even other planets! This got us thinking: Why can’t we set the stage in space?

Boundary was expected to launch for March on PS4 consoles, but there is some delay, and we don’t know for how long it lasts.


Biped is for those people who like to be in charge of cute bipedal robots designed for solving various puzzles and challenges. You can do such things with both a partner or by a solo mode with the co-op missions. Furthermore, you can build in Biped a high-stakes gauntlet that needs near-perfect platforming execution. The game is expected to arrive for PS4 consoles very soon, on April 8.

Going Under

Last but not least, we shouldn’t forget about Going Under. This game also presents a unite concept since the player has to explore offices belonging to former tech startups and use the junk found around them as weapons. Thus, fighting monsters and all sorts of weird creatures, gathering work experience, or surviving the worst job ever will be some of the main tasks in Going Under. The game is expected to arrive in September.

However, since most of these games are arriving not very soon, let’s just hope that when they will all arrive, it won’t be necessary anymore to try staying indoors as much as possible.



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