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Xbox Two New Details: Next-gen Scarlett Information Soon to be Released

Microsoft made public more details about the next-gen console in a recent interview. It seems, according to their messages, that the company still has a lot to do. Aaron Greenburg, Microsoft Executive, explained to fans that this time they shouldn’t get their hopes too high when it comes to frame rates. Apparently, the newest CPU will provide a 4K resolution graphics working on 120 frames-per-second. Greenburg said, “But, with the next-gen, I think you’ll see a big upgrade in CPU because we really want to make sure that you don’t have any compromises with the framerates.” More details about Xbox Scarlet remain still unknown, unfortunately.

There is a possibility to find out more about it at Microsoft’s X019 event. The event is one of the most expected ones, and as Microsoft stated, “our global celebration of everything Xbox.” Fans will enjoy X019 in London, UK, starting November 14-16 at the Copper Box Arena. We will also get a special surprise on the first day because of an Inside Xbox episode which might unveil the new console. The event will host the first Xbox Fanfest, where fans will enjoy a big selection of new and classic Xbox games. And for the ones who want to talk with the game developers, there will be meet-and-greets.

As we know, Xbox is one of the most beloved video gaming brand developed by Microsoft. It does include a series of video game console by Microsoft, and with three consoles launched in the sixth, seventh, and eighth-gen. Xbox also comes with some significant features such as streaming services, applications, and an Xbox Game Studios. Moreover, we met it for the first time in November 2001, being introduced in the US. With Xbox 360, launched in 2005, and Xbox One in 2014, the developers succeeded in bringing one-of-a-kind game experiences, worldwide.



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