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Xbox Series X Will Probably Have Fewer Titles At Launch

Although rumors regarding the limited availability of PlayStation 5 have already started spreading on the internet, there has been no leak regarding the upcoming launch of the Xbox Series X. The lack of speculations is even more impressive since both of the gaming consoles are scheduled to be released during the: “Holiday 2020” season.

The CNBC interview with Microsoft Game Executive Vice President and Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has revealed that the status of the upcoming titles is showing signs of uncertainty. The director expressed his confidence in the quality of the forthcoming titles, stating that the games are according to their expectations. Then, he added that the uncertainty is caused by the fact that the company is still unaware of what is going to happen to the production chains of the products in light of the recent lockdown period.

Xbox Series X Will Probably Have Fewer Titles At Launch

A release of titles may be made public during the upcoming week, but unfortunately, we are not aware of the possibility to ship these products in time for the launching event. For example, even though The Last of Us Part II was scheduled to be released in June, it was delayed by the impact of the social distancing measures taken in light of COVID-19. Therefore, it is still hard to foresee how the events will advance during the following months.

Obviously, the Xbox Studio Games event will not take place the next week, and it is highly improbable that the company will opt for creating another event later in the summer. At the moment, only a few of the upcoming titles for the next-gen consoles have been revealed. Therefore, we are still waiting for any update on this matter to see the possible total for the two most wanted consoles, Xbox Series X and PS5.

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