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Xbox Series X runs their games at 120 fps. What about Sony?

The battle between the PS5 and Xbox Series X has started way before their reveal. Which one of the two is more powerful? The console from Sony or Microsoft? This is what all enthusiasts wonder. According to a developer, Xbox Series X is capable of running its game at 120 frames per second (fps). On the other hand, Sony’s console is not able to deliver the same result.

According to Dynamic Voltage Games, Microsoft’s console has faster fps than Sony’s. They are currently working on the Orphan of the Machine video game. The upcoming game is about the underwater adventures of a dolphin. At first, the game was one of the exclusives for the Xbox Series X; however, the plan changed. The game will be available on the PS5 as well. But, the Orphan of the Machine won’t run at 4K and 120 fps on Sony’s device.

According to results revealed so far, it looks like Xbox Series X will win the war. This console offers 12 teraflops of computing power. On the other hand, PS5 offers only 10.28 teraflops. However, we are not exactly sure what this difference really means.

If we are to follow the Dynamic Voltage Games’ tweet, it seems that 1.72 teraflops will make an observable difference. However, they are referring only to their game. But, it could also mean that this power difference will be noticeable in other games as well.

Dynamic Voltage Games expressed their opinion on the difference between the Sony and Microsoft console on their Twitter page. But you can imagine what this meant to the PlayStation fan base. ‘Orphan of the Machine will be available on the PS5 as well but won’t run as fast as on the Xbox series X,’ is a phrase that can lit the fire voice of Sony’s console fans.

As the developer post was full of negative comments, they responded with an explanation. It wasn’t their decision to run their game at lower power on the PS5. This is just the way Sony’s console was built. The PS5 can’t provide 120 fps for games.

“[Microsoft] seems to care a lot more about 120 fps than Sony does, which is why I’ve catered that feature to the Series X,” Dynamic Voltage Games tweeted. They continued the tweet by saying that it might be possible for PS5 to run Orphan of the Machine at 120 fps at a lower resolution.

Plus, the developer made it clear that they are not blaming Sony for this difference. “Different hardware, different results,” is what they said, and we could not agree more. The fact is that Xbox Series X has more teraflops than PS5, period. Although both consoles use the same AMD-based processor and graphics architecture, they are heading toward different goals.

PS5 lovers should not worry too much about this difference as most games will run at 4K at 60 fps. At the moment, none of the companies have announced many games that will run at 4K and 120 fps. Therefore, 4K at 60 fps is the target for most of the upcoming games. Do keep in mind although both console are very similar, they were built to achieve different results.

Moving forward, do not forget of Xbox 20/20 event on July 23. We are looking to find out more about Microsoft’s first-party games that will run on Xbox Series X. The event will reveal more about how their console works.

As for Sony, the company has already revealed some of the PS5 games. For example, Horizon Forbidden West. This upcoming video game looks stunning. Although the company won’t be able to deliver 120 fps games, they are still holding themselves very well with a nice variety of games.



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