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Xbox Series X: Release Date Leaked – Is the Console Arriving Sooner than We Expected?

If you already consider yourself lucky for having access to high graphics games that didn’t exist several years ago, then you should know that there’s a bright future waiting for you. After Xbox One, Microsoft will launch its next-generation console pretty soon: Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X will bring a whole different approach for gaming: 8K resolution, faster SSD that eliminates loading times, ray tracing technology (a framework that assures better lighting, shadows, and reflections), support for Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), and more. But surely the main question is, “When does it come out?”.

Release date on Thanksgiving Day

Microsoft itself put on a site “Coming Thanksgiving 2020” by referring to when its upcoming console will be available for the public, but later it changed it to the old “Holiday 2020”. Although receiving the console on Thanksgiving Day would be a lot more convenient for the fans since it’s about a month sooner than expected, it appears to be just a mistake.

To get rid of all speculations and misunderstandings, Larry Hryb, the chief of Xbox Live, stated very clear on Twitter:

An Xbox product page in some regions inaccurately listed the launch date for Xbox Series X as Thanksgiving 2020. We are committed to launching Holiday 2020

VR support?

It’s unclear if Xbox Series X will provide virtual experience to its users, but one thing’s for sure: it can sustain it if needed. The gaming machine packs AMD Ryzen Zen 2 CPU and a GPU that is AMD Navi-based and with 12 TFLOPs of power. Thus, there’s no wonder why Xbox Series X will also be capable of world-class visuals up to 8K, 120 FPS, and much more.

Trying to figure out which one of the upcoming next-generation consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X) is better seems like the main question in gaming. Both of them will land on the market around Holiday 2020.



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