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Xbox Series S: Price, Release Date, and More

We can already feel the war between consoles is about to start. Both Sony and Microsoft are getting ready to release their upcoming game devices. November is fast approaching, and so is the launch of the Xbox Series S, Series X, and PS5. What we really want to know is the exact release date and price. 

Microsoft’s Xbox Series S and Series X

Microsoft officially confirmed the existence of its budget-friendly console. After the price for Xbox Series S and Series X leaked, the company responded to the latest rumors. However, they addressed only the Series S rumors. The company has confirmed the price for the upcoming Series S console in a tweet. 

That means some leakers got it right! According to one of the leakers, Microsoft would be selling the Xbox Series S for $299, while the Series X is priced at $399. The future Series S owners would have the $25 per month Xbox All Access financing option, while the premium console owners would enjoy the $35 via the Xbox All Access program.

According to rumors, Microsoft is getting ready for a November release. Reports say we should look forward to November 10. A different Thurott report confirms the above prices; however, it says the Series X price could reach up to $599.

Xbox Series S Specs

The upcoming low-cost console features 1440p resolution, 120fps gaming, 512GB of SSD storage, 4K video streaming, and DirectX ray tracing support. If you are looking for a cheaper gaming console, the S Series might be on your liking. However, if you should want better hardware and a wider variety of games, save more money for the premium models.

Sony’s PS5 Console 

So far, Sony has officially announced the launch date for its PS5 console. Therefore we are looking forward to November. Some markets are luckier than others as we expect the PS5 to hit stores this holiday. Nonetheless, the console will be available in the store by late 2020 worldwide.

According to other sources, Sony is preparing to host a new event on September 5. However, the company hasn’t officially addressed the rumors yet, so take everything with a pinch of salt. The so-called event is presumably about PS5.

What Sony did confirm is the fact that they are focusing on the PSVR event this week. Hopefully, they will follow suit and reveal the price for its gaming console soon. 



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