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Xbox Reveales in a Trailer the Name and Shape for its Next-Generation Console

Xbox is expected by everyone to bring gaming at a whole new level, and the clues we have until now are giving us plenty of reasons to be optimistic. The next-generation Xbox console is arriving on Holiday 2020, so you might as well prepare that letter to Santa Claus and be a good boy or girl until then.

There has been some debate regarding the name of the next Xbox console, but now we have the official announcement from the builders themselves.

The name will be Xbox Series X

Although most people would have placed their bets on ‘Xbox Two’ or ‘Xbox Scarlett’, it looks like they were wrong. Xbox released a trailer where it announced the official name for its future gaming machine, and it will be called Xbox Series X:

While we know the official name, you are free to call it however you want in your private life. ‘Xbox Two’ or ‘My reason to skip classes’ would also be some options. The new console is expected to become a great hit on the market since it is announced to be able to run pretty much any video game with high system requirements. Of course, the games also have to be available for Xbox consoles.

Weird shape but very powerful hardware

The shape of the console may be considered uncomfortable for most people. A slim type should have been more suitable since it requires less space. The new Xbox console will also be equipped with powerful enough hardware to run 8K visuals, 60fps at 4K resolution, much smoother gameplay with no loading screens, and so on.

The controller is practically the same as the previous one, and it’s nice to see that the builders are sticking to the roots. On the other side, Sony changed the controllers for PS4, and that wasn’t received as a good move by some fans.

Without a doubt, the Xbox Series X console will be a monster of gaming that anyone would want.



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