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WWE RAW — The Latest Rumors That Have Leaked

A lot of exciting things are happening this week in RAW. As we know by now, Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio conflict, and everybody is wondering if Rollins could be the next US Champion. We have new rumors from the backstage, and boy, those are not easy rumors. If everything is correct, a lot of changes can happen Monday in Night Raw. If you are curious to know who can return, or who is injured, continue to read.

The big and hot rumor from the backstage of the WWE RAW is about EC3. The former Impact Wrestling World Champion is having a lot of problems without a break. The Superstar is absent because of a concussion that is keeping him apart from the WWE. Also, another report is saying that EC3’s shock is worse than he said it was. Because of that, we don’t have a return date. The last time EC3 was seen was in September when he suffered the commotion.

Hot Rumors from WWE RAW

Moreover, Becky Lynch requires Asuka to fight against her in a match. Becky Lynch is trying to beat Asuka, and in the single events, she lost against Asuka and Kairi Sane. From this rumor, we can expect to see the two of them in the Royal Rumble for another phenomenal match. Even Paul Heyman is making everything possible for this battle to happen in half of 2020. Besides this, Paul Heyman is in charge of the RAW, and he is focusing on new things now.

He is giving the overlooked Superstars a chance to shine, such as Buddy Murphy or Akira Tozawa. Also, the information from the last Wrestling Observer Newsletter, we can see in the future, Humberto Carrillo and Andrade. The Hispanic Superstar, Andrade, will battle with Rey Misterio and Seth Rollins in the future Monday Nights. Finally, Brock Lesnar, the current WWE Champion, will enter the scene again with Cain Velasquez at the Royal Rumble. Since he battled with Rey Mysterio, Lesnar was off the cameras, so this new feud with the UFC winner, Velasquez, things will go insane.



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