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WWDC 2020: Apple main expectations

Apple products have always attracted the eyes of the public. Their design is impeccable. People have an interest in colorful designs, and Apple offers just that. Plus, Apple devices also come with aluminum, stainless steel edges, and amazingly smooth glass screens. However, as the next generation of Apple products is on the way, the focus might change to the inside design.

If you are an Apple enthusiast, you may already know that Apple is moving away from Intel Corp. Therefore, the company is expected to announce its depart from using Intel processors on Monday officially. The departing from the Intel chips applies to Mac computers. Instead of using the current chipsets, the company wants to go for the A-Series processors. iPhones and iPads are powered by those chips ever since 2010.

We will find out more information about this subject during the company’s opening speech at WWDC.

WWDC event will be held online due to the current world situation. Other things expected from the upcoming conference are:

  • iOS software updates for iPhones,
  •  MacOS software for Mac computers,
  • iPadOS for its tablets, 
  • WatchOS for its Apple Watch.

But, the main focus of all of these expectations is Apple’s own chips. The transition from Intel Corp is definitely the highlight of the event. How will Apple computers evolve in the coming years? What are the implications of the new chips? The mobile chipsets are said to be powerful; however, how will that work for Macs? Therefore, people expect to see iOS and MacOS merging at some point in the future. That makes sense since iPhones and Macs will run on the same chips soon enough. But again, the company has denied that option for a while now. 

Here is what Kaiann Drance, now Apple’s vice president of marketing, said in the past:

“Our Apple-designed chips have led the industry for years.”



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