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World of Warcraft Shadowlands Latest Leaks and Changes

Blizzard Entertainment was forced to confirm the last open-world on World of Warcraft, Shadowlands after some images were leaking online. Shadowlands is the latest game from World of Warcraft, and it will be the one that will support the ray tracing technology. Stay with us to find out more about the new world of roleplaying games from the company.

World of Warcraft – Shadowlands

November 1st is the date that the official trailer of Shadowlands was released on all of the company’s social media accounts. In a short description of the trailer, Sylvanas is defeating Bolvar, and when its helmet is breaking, the evil from Icecrown appears. What we officially know from Blizzard Entertainment is that the new game will appear in 2020, but we don’t have an official date. Also, looking at the trailer, everything seems complete and ready, so we are guessing that until March or April, we will enjoy it.

Moreover, the Shadowlands is the eighth expansion of the World of Warcraft, and it comes with a multiplayer online playing mode. The setting will be after the Battle of Azeroth, and the doors to Sadownlands will be open to players. Practically, Shadowlands is the world of the dead, and you will have for the first time access to the Death Knight class. You can start races and explore the dungeons down there.

Besides this, the expansion pack is coming with the Ray tracing support. Ray tracing support is the last thing in the video game industry because it is giving the player realistic visuals. With Ray tracing support, everything that the characters make is a mimic of real-life movements.

Finally, even Nvidia is updating all their RTX drivers for the Ray tracing support; in that way, the players can have access to the fantastic, realistic effects.



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