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‘World Of Tanks: Mercenaries’ 6th Anniversary: New Surprising and Free Content for Players, Prizes, and More

The online multiplayer World Of Tanks made its official debut on the Xbox 360 console six years ago, and today it’s available on a larger set of platforms. The title remains a very popular free-to-play console game and one of the longest-running MMOs on consoles.  Those game lovers who want a decent experience of an online multiplayer title with tons of steel that are blowing each other apart can always count on World Of Tanks.

In order to celebrate the 6th anniversary, a whole set of updates, discounts, special offers, and even a gift tank are offered to the fans.

Thus, the multiplayer commanders will get the chance to take ownership and go to the battlefield using the Ironclad T-29 after playing one single game. This new tank is a special gift from the development team in Chicago for those over 20 million commanders who have been playing World of Tanks: Mercenaries since its 2012 launch.

The Ironclad-T29 is a Tier III Medium

This tank is pretty impressive since it’s equipped with a high damage gun, and it has smooth mobility. All you have to do is to be prepared for driving it and not be afraid of the deadly attacks!

Also, if you’re an experienced WOT player who needs a tough challenge, you should remember that Clan Wars is back in business and improved. This kind of challenge will take the best Mercenaries Clans and bring them together so they can battle against each other for mega prizes of earned gold and higher rankings.

Free Xbox One X

From February 12th to 21st, the development team organizes a mega give away on social media channels so that commanders can claim a free Xbox One X.

Currently, Wargaming is proud of having over 20 million players in the WOT game. Are you proud of being among them?



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