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World of Tanks 6.8.0 Launched With New Map, Cames, and Other Features

Join the community of World of Tanks, of more than 100 million players all over the world. Join battles in the 7×7 format, alone or with your friends, upgrade your armors and vehicles, make the most out of surprising tactics, and win the battles.

What are the features of the game?

There are more than 350 vehicles in the game. They are also accurate because they are based on history itself. There are also armored monsters from alternative universes, all here to entertain you.

The battles will take place in 7×7, in more than 25 locations. The battles are not predictable, and the outcome really depends on you and your team.

There are in-game events in which you can get rare vehicles as rewards. Each battle has different gameplay. You can become invisible in Mad Games, and play realistic combat.

There is also a perfect progression system research vehicle, with Tier I tanks and Tier X machines. Change the guns, set equipment, see what it’s like to wear camouflage clothes. The graphics are amazing, and they are made for your device. But make sure you are looking through the settings to balance the game.

Teamplay effort is essential. Play the game with your friends and don’t forget to have fun. Keep in mind that the game needs at least 2.5GB of free space and an internet connection to work correctly.

What’s new in World of Tanks 6.8.0?

According to the official patch notes, the following are available:

  • Operation Rolling Spring! Inflict damage, complete stages, and take your rewards! Get the Premium medium tank M4/FL10 with an autoreloader: you can either quickly shoot three shells in a row or fight like a regular tank.
  • The new “Hellas” map Battle among picturesque ancient Greek ruins, letting the gods inspire you achieving new Herculean feats.
  • Two beautiful, fierce camos! Shock enemies with rivers of lava or stun using a stylish combination of red and black.

The new World of Tanks 6.8.0 for Android is already available on Google Play Store.



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