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Word War Z Will Be Free on the Epic Games Store Next Week

A few months after the introduction of the Epic Games Store, Epic began to offer video games for free in an attempt to attract more users to the novel digital storefront. On the other hand, World War Z is a popular game.

The promotion was so popular that the company decided to extend it over several months, and it is already known that new games will be offered for free each week during the entirety of 2020. The latest free title has been announced, and it will be quite a treat among fans of cooperative shooter games.

World War Z was released in 2019, and it takes many cues from the popular zombie film with the same name, which was released by Paramount Pictures in 2013.

World War Z to be available for free on the Epic Games Store

Four players will have to work together to complete objectives and defeat vast hordes of zombies that rush towards them intending to kill. The title offers a fast-paced experience filled with thrilling moments as extensive stories are spread across the game world.

Impressive graphics will paint a grim visage as players traverse land that was ravaged by the largest zombie epidemic featured in a video game. Countless zombies can be slaughtered in frenzied firefights, with the players having a vast arsenal at their disposal. Several co-op campaigns will offer an extensive gameplay experience, giving the chance to perform heroic deeds and to save the life of many people.

Six customizable classes pack signature mechanics that make them stand out and be useful in a variety of situations. Mow down hordes with the Gunslinger, blow up large groups with the Hellraiser, and offer much-needed support by playing the Medic or the Fixer.

A large amount of fresh content has been added since launch with the help of several updates, and World War Z can also be played via the GeForce Now game streaming service. Grab it now for the humble price of free!



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