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Windows 7 Bug Does Not Let Users Shut Down Their PCs

Microsoft has recently ended its Windows 7 support, but apparently, they did not let it go just yet. Some PCs still operating Windows 7 cannot shut down. Many users from the official forums and from Reddit reported that their Windows 7 system refuses to shut down or reboot, as they usually would, saying that a message appeared on their screen: “you don’t have permission to shut down this computer.”

How did users manage to fix the problem?

Users have tried to fixed this problem by running the Group Policy Editor from the command line in order to force the permission, but that is not something we should do if we want to turn off our PCs every day.

Some users were able to do it by disabling some Adobe update services, but it is still not a reliable fix, and we do not know if Adobe is to blame for all of this. A spokesperson from Microsoft stated that they were investigating the issue, but he didn’t say what will happen next.

If this is actually a Windows bug and not the product of a third-party app, it might be quite embarrassing for Microsoft. The company had to fix the wallpaper glitch in Windows 7 just two weeks after they stopped the operating system support. This might need another patch, which, according to their fact, should not happen since they don’t support the OS anymore.

Upgrading to Windows 10 is the ideal option

We believe that the company still has to work on Windows 7 way out because people are not ready to give up on it, and apparently, the company is not either. It remains to see if they will release another update patch for Windows 7. However, the best solution is to upgrade to Windows 10.



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