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Windows 10: New and Easier Way to Update and Install Drivers

There’s no wonder why Microsoft decided to stop offering support for the old Windows 7 starting January 14, 2020. The notorious corporation headquartered in Washington wants to focus all its attention and knowledge on the latest and most preferred operating system by its users: Windows 10. Released about four and a half years ago, Microsoft’s new operating system is constantly receiving upgrades.

The newest plan is to make the next major update entitled Windows 10 Build 19536 to install optional drivers and to update the old ones much faster. Let’s face it: nobody likes to be interrupted from his daily tasks or hobbies because an update has to be installed. Microsoft wants to fix such unwanted scenarios once and for all.

The update arrives in 2020

We don’t have much info about a release time of the next major update, but it’s likely that it will be launched sometime in the spring. Instead, we do know enough about what it will be capable of. It will provide users with a new section in Windows Update that can manage optional updates without the need for Device Manager or third-party software.

The Optional Updates section from Windows Update will simplify a lot the process of searching for the right update. Once entering the section, the user will see all optional updates available, including drivers and non-security updates in one place. Microsoft put it simply:

We’re still working on making it easier for you to see all optional updates (including drivers, feature updates, and monthly non-security quality updates) in one place,

There you have it, Microsoft loading its weapons once again to provide users the best services possible. The announcement comes at a short time after the Redmond-based company decided to end the support for Windows 7. Although a lot of people are still using it and even view it as a better option than Windows 10, now they have another reason to upgrade to the latest operating system created by Microsoft.



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