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Windows 10 KB4524147 Update Is Still Full of Bugs – What Are Users Complaining Of?

The new Windows 10 update just hit the market, and the release of it came with some complications to users. After the deployment of KB4524147, many PC systems that dealt with the OS bump actually went haywire, and millions of people can get affected if the company does not solve the problem soon.

These new problems appeared after the installation of KB4524147, and it should be a warning for millions of Windows 10 users, who will need to think a bit about it before actually getting the update. Those who already got it to have to deal with a Start Menu that’s broken, a Search function that does not work correctly, some printing problems, and complications when it comes to the VMWare Workstation.

But the big problem is that KB4524147 was caused on the boot-up side, which made the system fail. Many of the users complained that they would get stuck at the repair screen while doing the startup and that they could not do anything else. This is happening because none of the auto-fixes work, which means that the update is useless.

Forbes stated that the update is quite confusing since Microsoft did not clear the patch, to see if the design of the update was a fix or an OS bump, without the usual security fixes.

Microsoft hasn’t said an official word about it, but in this case, we think it might be better just to keep the distance.

Think about it before you get the update for free – it might give you more bad than good. Windows 10 Version 1903 is still perfect, and it seems that Microsoft is ready for the final phase of the work they did on the next feature upgrade of the OS.



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