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Will PlayStation 5 Cost £900? Here’s What Sony Has to Say

Any PlayStation fan is eager to see how his favorite games will be running on the next-generation console that Sony will release at the end of 2020. PlayStation 5 is expected to have some mind-blowing specs, and it’s very interesting to see if it will be better than Xbox Series X that will be launched in the same time period. Santa Claus seems to be more generous towards gamers than ever in 2020, considering that two of the greatest gaming console manufacturers will compete with each other at a level never seen before.

There has been a lot of debate regarding also the price for PlayStation 5, as for any other upcoming gadget. One recent rumor posted on Japanese blog Gamers Gate claimed that the future prices for Sony’s next console will be higher than expected: ¥69,800 Yen (£480) before tax for the basic PS5 console, and ¥109,800 Yen (which means £800) before tax for the improved model (that will most likely be dubbed as ‘PS5 Pro’). After tax, the price will be around the staggering amount of £900 on release.

Sony denies it

The company responsible for the creation of PlayStation 5 denies the rumor posted on Gamers Gate and makes the fans happy once more. If it would have been true, it’s almost certain that the big rival Xbox Series X would have the upper hand in terms of units sold. £900 is a high amount even for a console like PS5 which is expected to have the most incredible features a console ever had: 8K and Virtual Reality support, virtual assistant, haptic controllers, and more.

What will be the actual price?

Judging by the clues we have until now, it’s most likely that PS5 will cost somewhere around the amount of £450, which means half of what the above-mentioned rumor claimed.

Hopefully, we will get to know much more about PS5 during the next several months. What’s for sure is that it will be a hell of a console!



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