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Why Windows 10’s Latest Update is a Big Fail

The good ol’ Windows 7 is down for the count since it’s not receiving technical support anymore from Microsoft. Therefore, the famous Redmond-headquartered company is eager to make its users upgrade to Windows 10, but things are not actually going according to the plan.

Plenty of updates had been received by Windows 10 in Microsoft’s attempt to make its latest OS as reliable as possible. Instead, some of the updates gave the users plenty of headaches, and so did the latest update dubbed KB4532693. Windows 10 users are now complaining that the update is deleting some of their files and making Start menus and desktops reverting to their default states.

Microsoft pulls back the update

It looks like Microsoft understood that the latest update does some harm to Windows 10 users, and so it decided to pull it back. More precisely, the KB4532693 update is no longer available as an automatic download.

It’s highly probable that Microsoft will be more careful in the future since it wants as many users as possible to be using its latest Windows version. And their desire is reasonable since Windows 7 is officially dead since last month – it will not be receiving any updates, technical support, and drivers anymore. However, Windows 7 was active for more than a decade and considered by many the best operating system ever made.

Don’t be afraid to upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft’s technical problems regarding its latest operating system shouldn’t scare away those users who are tempted by the idea of upgrading to Windows 10. The online world is thriving with malware and pesky software that can put your files at risk, and it’s too risky to surf among them without an efficient cyber defense system. Microsoft has all the reasons to fix their technical issues as soon as possible, and you know what they say: any piece of software these days has its problems. Besides, Windows 10 has plenty of useful features not present in previous versions as Windows 7, or Windows 8.

To download a free copy of Windows 10, you should follow the instructions from this link.




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