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Who is The Strongest Villain from The Dragon Ball Universe? Check Out our Proposals

Are you curious about the strongest villain in Dragon Ball? Let’s take a trip down memory lane to when Raditz shocked fans with his insane power. Goku teamed up with his enemy, Piccolo, and even sacrificed his life to defeat Raditz. But hold on, that was just the beginning!

As the series progressed, the power levels skyrocketed, and we were introduced to Frieza, an intergalactic tyrant who exterminated the Saiyan race. But even Frieza was no match for Son Goku, the first Super Saiyan in hundreds of years. And that was just the beginning of a long line of powerful villains.

While it’s impossible to know the strongest, we can still take our best guesses and debate which of these baddies comes out on top. Let’s see who takes the crown as the ultimate villain in the Dragon Ball universe!

Majin Buu

Majin Buu had many forms. But this one is the strongest when the terrifying fiend absorbed Ultimate Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Piccolo, and the good version of Buu. For being able to stand a chance against this version of Majin Buu, Goku and Vegeta used the Potara rings to fuse into Vegito.

Majin Buu was so strong that he made Goku & co wonder if there is any limit to his powers. Buu was well-known for his mind-blowing ability to regenerate and heal himself quickly after facing any sort of damage. The monster could also transform his opponents into candy and eat them for stealing their powers.

The chances are very low that Majin Buu could put up a decent fight against Super Saiyan Blue Goku or Vegeta. But the monster can still catch our heroes with their guard down and turn them into candy. Buu can defeat pretty much everyone with his ability to regenerate and recover quickly from wounds. Without any doubt, Majin Buu is the strongest villain from Dragon Ball Z, and one of the strongest from the whole Dragon Ball Universe. His abilities make him capable of defeating any opponent if he catches them with their guard down.


Also known as Fused Zamasu, this is a fusion version of Goku Black (the original present Zamasu in the original present Goku’s body) and Future Zamasu after using the Potara earrings. Zamasu was a major antagonist in the Dragon Ball Super anime and a deity. He considered humans to be worthless and harmful to the planet.

Goku and Vegeta also needed to fuse into Vegito for competing with Fused Zamasu. But this time they went the Super Saiyan Blue mode, which is light-years stronger than the classical Super Saiyan with gold hair. Zamasu didn’t possess abilities like regenerating and healing himself or absorbing other warriors’ powers. However, his strength was insanely superior to any character from the Dragon Ball Z anime. This makes Zamasu qualify for being one of the strongest villains from the Dragon Ball universe.

Golden Frieza

Golden Frieza

Frieza was brought back to life at the beginning of Dragon Ball Super by his henchmen and soldiers. And they used the dragon balls to do so. The former intergalactic tyrant had been training for several months to compete with Goku.

The outcome was impressive: Frieza managed to obtain godly powers and a brand new form, becoming the so-called Golden Frieza. He could compete with Goku at Super Saiyan Blue level until a certain point. Frieza got killed by the mighty Saiyan, who finally finished the job the way he should have done back in the Dragon Ball Z series during the first fight of the two characters.

However, Frieza was brought back to life for a whole day to fight for the Universe’s survival during the Tournament Of Power. Goku was the one with the brilliant idea, saying that he needed a fighter like Frieza in his team. Frieza accepted to fight only by getting Goku to promise him the full restoration to life.

Therefore, Frieza came back stronger than before once again, and had a great performance during the tournament. As a gift, Beerus decided to restore Frieza back to life fully. Who knows what could the former intergalactic tyrant prepare next as soon as the Dragon Ball Super anime returns to the screens?

Golden Frieza is strong and indeed possesses godly powers at Super Saiyan Blue level, but he’s nowhere near Fused Zamasu. However, Frieza is still one of the strongest villains in Dragon Ball and an iconic figure for the legendary franchise.

Broly (Dragon Ball Super)

Broly: Villain in dragon ball

Broly from the Dragon Ball Super movie had a terrifying and unique ability besides yelling and destroying everything that got in his way. This help make him stronger extremely fast as he fights. He went from being dominated by base form Vegeta to fight against Gogeta (Goku and Vegeta) at Super Saiyan Blue level. This is the most insane power boost in Dragon Ball history. And who knows how even more powerful can Broly further become?

There’s a good chance that Broly could even be stronger than the God of Destruction Beerus and the angels Whis. And yes, the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie is considered canon because Toriyama is involved in writing the story.



Moro is not yet on the screens, but he’s in the manga version of Dragon Ball Super written by Akira Toriyama. Being millions of years old, this devilish villain defeated both Goku and Vegeta easily. Furthermore, Moro absorbed two other strong fighters and he’s now mopping the floor with Vegeta during his latest form (the one from the left side of the above picture).

Moro even has the ability to steal the powers of other fighters, and who knows how stronger he could become. This terrifying villain has the potential to become the strongest Dragon Ball character with no trace of doubt.

Omega Shenron

Omega Shenron: Villain in dragon ball

Although a lot of people would say that Dragon Ball GT wasn’t canon, let’s not forget that Akira Toriyama still oversaw the show’s production. He also came up with the name Dragon Ball GT, as GT stands for Grand Tour. This is a reference to the characters traveling across the Galaxy for finding the dragon balls.

Omega Shenron was born from one of the most selfless wishes. This villain is the most selfish, merciless, and evil-hearted from all of the Shadow Dragons. He feels no pity for any form of life, and he even destroyed his fellow Shadow Dragons for his ultimate goal of universal destruction. Omega Shenron mopped the floor with both Goku and Vegeta while the Saiyans were in their Super Saiyan 4 forms. It’s impossible to say for sure if the Super Saiyan 4 transformation is stronger or weaker than Super Saiyan Blue. Either way, Omega Shenron is one of the strongest Dragon Ball villains, and the most diabolical ones as well. He could also win the big title of the strongest evil character.

We obviously cannot add characters like Jiren, Hit, the fused female Super Saiyans, or Dyspo. Those characters are not villains even though they had to fight against the good guys in the Tournament Of Power. In that struggle, each fighter had to fight for the survival of his own universe.

So, who do you think is the strongest villain in Dragon Ball? Is it Moro, Zamasu, Broly, Majin Buu, Omega Shenron, or Frieza? We’ll let you decide! Feel free to tell us in a comment!

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