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Which Was the Best Selling Smartphone of the Year? Surprising Answer

When iPhone 11 came out, there has been a great exhilaration among the fanbase. Apple’s flagship for 2019 has been a great upgrade for its predecessor iPhone X. It has three lenses capable of working together to provide ultra-wide-angle photos on the smartphones’ big beautiful screen, powerful A13 bionic processor, water resistance, and much more cool features.

But since 2019 is only several days until its end, we can analyze which smartphone model has been sold the most. And surprisingly enough, the answer is not iPhone 11.

iPhone XR takes the cake

Counterpoint Research announces that iPhone XR has been not only the best selling smartphone of 2019, but it has been even the best selling phone from every quarter of the year.

Looking at the top of the best selling smartphones from Q3 of the year, iPhone 11 hits only the 5th place. It is beaten by iPhone XR, by two of Samsung’s flagships – Galaxy A10 and A50, but also by a big surprise: the A9 model of the Chinese company Oppo.

Is it worth buying the XR model of iPhone?

The imminent question is if iPhone XR deserves to be in the first place of the best selling phones. Its price is somewhere between $749 – $899, which isn’t so high if you take a peek at the specifications of the gadget.

Launched a bit more than two years ago, iPhone XR comes in three variants: 65 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB of storage. However, the RAM memory is the same for all three: 3 GB. Although some might complain that the flagship has a small amount of RAM, its big processing power comes mostly from the processor – the gadget is equipped with an A12 Bionic chipset also made by Apple. There is one main camera of 12 MP, and a selfie camera of 7 MP. The main one can record video in 2K format, while the other supports only HD.

As you can conclude for yourself, iPhone XR is totally worth staying on the first place of the best selling smartphones from 2019. And it’s truly amazing that the title is won by a phone launched more than two years ago.





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