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When Will RCS Messaging Become Available on the ‘Your Phone’ App

Microsoft is strongly encouraging its users to upgrade to Windows 10 since the good old Windows 7 is not technically supported anymore. The support ended a month ago, leaving Windows 7 users vulnerable in the vast and dangerous world of the internet. However, those who still chose to stick with Windows 7 now have another good reason to upgrade to Windows 10: the ‘Your Phone’ app.

The ‘Your Phone’ app is compatible only with the latest version of Windows, and it has been created to control pretty much everything from your phone directly from your PC. But now it’s expected to receive another great feature: RCS messaging.

It will start with Samsung Galaxy S20

The new Samsung Galaxy S20 model will land to the market next month, and it will be the first phone able to manage RCS messages to Windows 10 PCs through the ‘Your Phone’ app.

Roberto Bojorquez from Microsoft made the big announcement on Twitter:

Proud to announce that we have partnered with the Samsung Messages team to bring RCS messaging support to #yourphone app via #linktowindows. Starting with the #galaxys20series you will be able to send and receive RCS texts from PC if your default SMS app is Samsung Messages!

Since Bojorquez says that the new RCS functionality is available “starting with” the Galaxy S20, this clearly means that other phones in the future will also receive the feature.

This is a big step for the ‘Your Phone’ app, and another good reason to upgrade your operating system to Windows 10 if you haven’t done so already. However, the latest operating system by Microsoft keeps receiving updates and improvements. Being created for Windows 10, it’s highly probable that the ‘Your Phone’ app is not compatible with Windows 8 and 8.1.

Another way of sending RCS messages on your computer even without a Samsung S20 is by using Google messages web client.



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