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When Will Apple Release a 5G iPhone?

Many smartphones makers have started giving 5G devices for users from some regions. The competitors of Apple – Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus have all released 5G variants of their devices. But when it is Apple going to do it, too?

Well, they could have done it already in 2019, but they chose not to. The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max didn’t come with variants for 5G., and we also know the reason. There’s a legal battle that’s taking place with the chipmaker – Qualcomm, which does not allow Apple to release a 5G device. At least not this year.

If Apple has in its plan to release a 5G phone the next year, they will have to solve some problems first.

Those 5G devices need a 5G chip and a separate modem that has the 5G capability. The current technology for 5G asks for these two chips to be distinct. This means that the device needs more space inside the phone. It is also worth mentioning that every phone has a single network band, which means that you cannot change your phone’s carriers.

There are many brand new types of 5G chips in development. They combine the chips in order to make a more compact 5G system. we cannot forget about the multimodal 5G chips, which allow phones to switch between carriers.

Apple has a strategy, and that is to wait for the 5G technology to be fully developed before they get it for their phones. This way, they won’t need to integrate the extra chips into these devices. It is not unusual for Apple to wait for a specific technology to be fully developed before getting it for their products. The same will happen with the in-display fingerprint that’s bound to become part of the 5G iPhone.



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