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WhatsApp Web Version 2.2019.6 is Expected to Receive Messenger Rooms Within its Structure

Facebook has great plans for the future, and there’s no surprise in that. It was long rumored online that the tech behemoth owned by Mark Zuckerberg is planning to fuse some of its apps, and there seems to be at least a little amount of truth in that information.

As Facebook owns not only the social network, but also other apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, or Messenger, the company based in Menlo Park has a lot of options to choose from. But the latest plan is truly shocking for everybody: WhatsApp will get Messenger Rooms.

WhatsApp Web version 2.2019.6 receives Messenger Rooms

Messenger Rooms is the latest service launched by Facebook. To be more precise, it’s a video calling service designed to rival Zoom. Since the desktop version for WhatsApp couldn’t initiate video calls, the arrival of Zoom for it is great news.

WABetaInfo, the blog that tracks development for WhatsApp, was the one that brought up the big news. This means we can rely on the source.

How will it work

The mechanism is simple: WhatsApp for desktops will feature a built-in function that allows users to connect with other people via Messenger Rooms from their PCs. The update will arrive soon, as we don’t have a precise release date.

Stan Chudnovsky, the head of Facebook Messenger, suggests that the Messenger Rooms app is very reliable when it comes to security:

We are definitely very secure and encrypted, from the client to the server and from the server to another client,

He further explained that the app is “not accessible by hackers any more than it can be accessed by anybody else when you are using your email”.

Messenger Rooms is also an app that deserves attention for the fact that it allows an incredible maximum number of participants for a single video call: 50. This means that you’ll practically get to talk how much you want with such an app.



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