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WhatsApp: To be or Not to be Ads? What Facebook is Planning for the App

Facebook astonished the whole world when it decided to buy the instant messaging service WhatsApp in 2014. And the most jaw-dropping action wasn’t the purchase itself, but the money paid for it: the astronomical amount of $19 billion!

WhatsApp was already a trusted and powerful instant messaging and video calling service, but the imposing monolith named ‘Facebook’ still has great plans for the app. After WhatsApp got plenty of useful features recently like self-destructive messages, dark mode, and more, now comes a not so happy part: Facebook plans to put ads on WhatsApp.

Facebook wants to unify its messaging apps

You know what they say that you just can’t have them all in life, right? It also applies for WhatsApp. It was all nice and great using the app, but Facebook officials think that the video calling app represents a good field for harvesting. Therefore, ads will be added to WhatsApp as soon as Facebook completes its grand plan to unify all of its messaging apps.

While nobody likes seeing ads instead of what he or she is truly interested in, there is also some relatively good news: ads won’t arrive in WhatsApp in the near future. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed it by saying:

Ads in Status remains a long-term opportunity for WhatsApp.

The news comes after a lot of users were hoping that Facebook abandoned its plans of putting ads on WhatsApp, but as you know, life is full of surprises.

What the unification of apps mean

According to the online speculation, Facebook plans to unify its Messenger app, WhatsApp, and even Instagram into one single messaging app. As you’ve already guessed, this means that all of your conversations from Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp will migrate to a single app. While it seems frightening and greedy to some people, only time will decide how the scenario will impact the users.

One thing’s for sure: with or without the ads, WhatsApp will remain a very reliable and useful app.



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