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WhatsApp Provides us Tips and Tricks to Make Sure Our Accounts are Secure

Whether we like it or not, pretty much everyone shares files or makes video calls via WhatsApp these days. It’s more than convenient to do such things using the Facebook-owned messaging service rather than your own network. All you need in order to take advantage of the wonderful features of WhatsApp is an internet connection. And if for some reason, you don’t have it, you can just head to a bar or pub which has a Wi-Fi connection available and you’re all set.

Recently, WhatsApp reached an impressive milestone: 2 billion users. That’s almost a quarter of the planet’s population, considering that in April 2019 there were 7.7 billion humans living on Earth. To celebrate reaching this staggering amount of 2 billion users, WhatsApp is offering us some tips and tricks in order to make sure that our accounts are as secure as possible. Let’s discuss some of them:

Enable two-step verification

This is an ingenious and efficient method used by many services nowadays that can keep an account secure. The user has to enter a six-digit PIN code when resetting and verifying the account. If his phone is lost or gets stolen, the WhatsApp account will be saved.

Lock the account with Touch ID or Face ID

This measure is for adding an extra security measure to your account. An official statement from WhatsApp said:

As with many banking apps, you can also decide whether you would like WhatsApp to automatically lock you out of the app as soon as you close the app, or after various durations of inactivity.

Update the app regularly

WhatsApp is constantly seeking to improve its services for the users. Therefore, many updates involve security features and the only way to make sure you have the latest improvements is to head for that update option as soon as it becomes available.

Manage your group privacy settings

Perhaps nobody likes to be added to groups without being asked. If you have that kind of people on your list who can’t wait to add people to groups randomly, then you should know that there is an easy way to stop them.

To establish who can add you to WhatsApp groups, just head for Settings, then tap Account > Privacy > Groups and select your desired option: “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” or “My Contacts Except”.

Hopefully, these measures will help your WhatsApp account become more secure. But you should keep in mind that it mostly depends on your own actions if your account is under control or not.



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