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WhatsApp Prepares the Killer Feature of Self-Destructing Messages

WhatsApp has gone a long and tumultuous road, and now it’s the world’s most successful instant messaging service. Although the Facebook-owned app had its flaws during the years (both security and functionality), now it has a staggering number of 2 billion users.

WhatsApp is constantly receiving updates from the developers, and there’s no wonder why: the goal is to maintain those 2 billion users or even to increase them. Now, the self-destructive messages feature has almost arrived.

Secret conversations have never been easier

Let’s be honest and admit that perhaps anybody has moments in life when he wants to safely talk via WhatsApp with a mistress, gossip with a neighbor about other neighbors, and so on. Intimacy is essential to all of us, and let’s face it: nobody likes the idea about his messages being read by an unknown person. That’s where the self-destructive messages feature comes in handy: your message is gone for good after you hit the “Send” button. Easy-peasy!

When will the feature arrive?

We don’t have the exact release date for it, but we do expect the developers of WhatsApp to implement it pretty soon. Facebook Messenger also has this cool feature. All you have to do is set a timer for how many seconds you want a message to exist. When the time expires, it’s gone forever for both you and the person you’re chatting with. How convenient, and what a great way to cheat on your husband without him ever having a chance to find out!

Previously, the dark theme arrived for WhatsApp, and it was a pretty demanded feature. There’s no need to be a goth/metalhead to prefer dark for an app. A dark theme has plenty of advantages, such as improved battery life, relaxing the eyes, and so on. WhatsApp keeps evolving, and its future looks bright.



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