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WhatsApp Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

Perhaps WhatsApp is the best messaging app out there, but it surely is the most popular. Of course, popularity is not really a synonym for quality, but let’s admit that we’re kind of forced to use the Facebook-owned app when so many people around us are doing the same. If your co-workers or colleagues are texting and sending important files to each other via WhatsApp, you just have to install it yourself and not invent some lame excuse like “you know, I don’t use a smartphone, and I’m in love with my Nokia 3310”.

However, what can be done when WhatsApp isn’t working? Any great app can have its shortcomings, whether we like it or not. First of all, you should assure yourself that you have a stable Internet connection.

The most common issues of WhatsApp are the following:

  • No connection to servers
  • Crashing and freezing
  • Memory caches issues

Therefore, you should try these measures:

  1. Make sure your WhatsApp is completely closed
  2. Put your smartphone into airplane mode for several minutes and then try to reconnect
  3. Open WhatsApp again

If your problem hasn’t been solved, try to reset your memory cache. You can do this easily by turning off your phone, leaving it in that state for three minutes, and then restart it.

If neither of the above solutions doesn’t work, you know what they say that drastic times require drastic measures. Therefore, you should try some of the oldest tricks in the book: reinstalling the app and restarting your phone. Before this, be sure to backup your files and conversations if you care about them enough.

WhatsApp is expected to come with some interesting new features in the near future, and the Facebook-owned service has been improving a lot over the years. However, there’s also some bad news coming up in a couple of months regarding the famous app. At the beginning of 2020, you won’t be able to use WhatsApp on any smartphone which runs Windows Phone OS or iOS 8.



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