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WhatsApp Not Working Anymore for Specific Phones – Is Yours Among Them?

The new year brings not only good news to the public. It also informs us about the unavailability of the notorious Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp for specific kinds of smartphones. Although the app is hugely popular across the globe, the developers decided for some reasons to limit its accessibility.

For instance, those owning a phone equipped with Windows 10 Mobile will no longer be able to use WhatsApp on it. This started from the very first day of 2020, as the developers of the app themselves announced about six months ago. While a lot of people hoped that the news is just a hoax, it proved itself to be a cruel reality.

Even Microsoft encourages users to purchase a non-Windows phone

Windows Mobile has been in a long rivalry with Android for the title of the best operating system for phones. Even so, Microsoft acknowledged several times the superiority of Android when it comes to sheer quality.

Now, if Windows Mobile users are searching for solutions to how to deal with WhatsApp’s lack of support for the latest operating system created by Microsoft for mobiles, the Washington-based company itself encourages them just to buy a new phone.

Older versions of Android and iOS will also lose access to WhatsApp

If you buy a new phone, be careful what you choose since even older versions of Android and iOS will not be supported by WhatsApp starting February 1. As for Google’s operating system, devices still running Android 2.3.7 will not be able to run WhatsApp anymore two months from now. This is actually pretty reasonable, considering that the latest Android version is 10.

The demands are even bigger when it comes to the operating system created by Apple. Users owning an iPhone or iPad below the iOS 7 version will also lose access to WhatsApp.

However, if for some reason, you still want to cling to the old operating systems, you might still be able to use the WhatsApp chat by simply accessing the official website of the app.



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