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WhatsApp is not Working Anymore for some Android Phones – Is Yours Among Them?

WhatsApp has become so notorious that we almost can’t imagine our lives without it. Even if there are some fair alternatives out there like Telegram or Viber, let’s face it: you just need to have the Facebook-owned messaging app installed on your phone if your co-workers and friends also have it. Otherwise, it would be a lot more difficult to communicate with them.

But as time passes and technology evolves, old smartphones are not compatible anymore with some apps. This is a logical process, and nobody should be blamed for it. The same thing happens now with WhatsApp. After the phones equipped with Windows 10 Mobile have been taking out for the count by the insanely popular messaging app, it’s now time for some Android phones to face the harsh treatment.

Bye-bye, Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread

Those owning an Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread smartphone will not be able to take advantage of the wonderful features of WhatsApp starting today, February 1st. This includes phones like Galaxy S, Desire HD, Droid X2, Nexus One, and others. Unfortunately, what was once considered just a bad joke is becoming a reality. The WhatsApp developers made the harsh announcement since 2017, but still, some people hoped that it’s nothing more than a hoax.

However, we have to admit that Gingerbread phones are pretty obsolete – around a decade old, so there’s no wonder why Facebook decided not to allow its app on them anymore. Of course, you can consider yourself a hero if you still prefer one of those devices in an era where smartphone manufacturers are competing with each other to bring insane amounts of RAM and megapixels for their devices. But the message of the WhatsApp developers seems obvious: if you want the app, buy yourself a smartphone that fulfills the standards from nowadays.

Can you imagine your life without WhatsApp?



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