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WhatsApp Introduces A New Search Feature To Address Fake News

You probably got this a lot, annoying forwarded messages on WhatsApp that led to misinformation. We came across a lot of information on social media, too, a reason why WhatsApp is now the hub of fake news.

Some users keep forwarding fake news without confirmation at all. How much such a thing influenced our WhatsApp experience? Also, how is it going to sort things out the new WhatsApp feature?

WhatsApp has recently taken many steps to fight the fake news. The generally forwarded messages will have two arrow marks. The popular instant messaging app will let you send forwarded messages to only 5 users. WaBetaInfo announced as well that the company has under development a new feature to support the users’ experience and track the origin of the fake news.

WhatsApp added a new feature to tackle fake news

Currently, Facebook devs seem that they have finished the implementation stage, and the functionality is available for all users. WhatsApp has now begun rolling out the upgrade dubbed “Search Message On The Web.” With its arrival, we can use the feature to find out how secure and original are the forwarded messages.

Some users shared screenshots to show that they noticed a search icon in front of the regularly forwarded messages. So, if you’re curious about the new feature, you know where to find it, too! WaBetaInfo details that once you tap on the option, you will see a dialogue box popping out and the message: “Would you like to search this on the web? This will upload the message to Google.”

According to some users, the feature is now available in the most recent WhatsApp beta for Android. As lovely as it seems the new feature, the fact that WhatsApp succeeded in implementing an update under development so quickly, it’s admiring.



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