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WhatsApp arrives for Nokia 8110 and other non-touchscreen phones

Can you ever imagine using WhatsApp or many other nowadays apps on a phone with “real”/physical buttons? A touchscreen phone seems to be a “must-have” for anybody. But even so, a man or a woman has the right to use whatever kind of phone they want. And believe it or not, there still are people who can’t stand the touchscreen phones and prefer the classic “ancient” ones.

It seems like the developers of the Facebook-owned company WhatsApp have thought about those people, and they are making WhatsApp available for their old phones.

WhatsApp coming for Nokia 8110 and other KaiOS phones

A collaboration made between WhatsApp and KaiOS made possible the availability of the most famous instant messaging app for phones like Nokia 8110. This Nokia model has actual physical buttons instead of a touchscreen, and several other phones running KaiOS in the same “smart feature phone” category are getting WhatsApp. Generally, it should be enough for you to have at least 256 MB of RAM on your device to run WhatsApp.

JioPhone got WhatsApp since September 2018, which is also an “ancient” phone.

How to get WhatsApp for a non-touchscreen phone?

You just have to go to KaiOS Technologies app store and download WhatsApp from there. Of course, first you need a phone running KaiOS. Among the “new” phones which can run WhatsApp, there are: any Nokia 8110, the Cat B35 and Doro 7060 in Europe, the JioPhone and JioPhone 2 in India, the MTN Smart and Orange Sanza in Africa, and the Multilaser ZAPP and Positive P70s in Brazil.

“Providing WhatsApp on KaiOS helps bridge the digital gap to connect friends and family in a simple, reliable and secure way,” said Matt Idema, Chief Operating Officer of WhatsApp.

It’s so satisfying to see that the developers of WhatsApp are struggling to make their app as good as possible for all of us. Recently, WhatsApp announced nice features like hiding muted statuses or the ability to share statuses directly to Facebook Story, so the app continues to evolve.





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