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WhatsApp Adds New Restrictions During The COVID-19 Lockdown

WhatsApp is a known app on which users are spreading fake news. People have received false messages regarding the novel coronavirus pandemic situation. These chain letters are helping to misinform the public, and Facebook is looking forward to putting a stop. Facebook is the parent company of WhatsApp and will restrict the forwarding of this type of massage. Hopefully, this will help stop the spreading of fake news concerning the COVID-19 situation.

Conspiracy theories related to the novel virus have been spread throughout the UK, misinforming the population. Google has taken action against the spread of false information via the YouTube platform. Now it is time for Facebook to stand up against this new digital threat and stop the fake news spread via the WhatsApp Messenger.

WhatsApp fights fake news with new restrictions in the affected areas

Lately, a large number of false information and chain letters have been noticed to circulate the WhatsApp platform. The fake news is about fake health tips that could pose a danger to the human body. Following these health tips will not cure you of the coronavirus or prevent it. What is Facebook’s approach to this issue? The company is going to put a restriction regarding the mass forwarding and marked forwarded messages. By doing so, the person who receives the message can see if the message is coming from an untrustworthy contact.

How is the restriction affecting the marked messages? This type of message can now be sent only individual chats, but only after being forwarded five times. WhatsApp updated the some of the functions of the app in order to have this outcome. India is one of the counties that is using WhatsApp wildly

Therefore, there is also a limitation related to statuses on WhatsApp. Indian users, for example, can now post a story of only 15 seconds in length, whereas they would normally post a 30-second clip. Restrictions have been made! YouTube, Apple, and Netflix, also introduced such features From now on, its users can watch any content at the standard resolution. That means that the data rates are now limited.



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