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WhatsApp 2.20.166 Beta Update: The Time Limit for Videos Used as Statuses is Modified Again

Technology is not a fairytale world where everything has to be the way we want them to be, regardless of how much we try to believe otherwise. Or unless we’re some highly paid software engineers who are working at a very prestigious company, technology is still like an alien field for many. The same goes for how WhatsApp is organizing its features – users have to adapt or find themselves another video calling and messaging app. Thank God, there are plenty of alternatives.

Nobody says that WhatsApp is bad, but you know what they say: you cannot please everybody in this world, regardless of how good you are. And once again, the Facebook-owned app is modifying the limit for video statuses.

30-second videos are now allowed

Update version 2.20.166 for Android is the one making possible this shift of the time limit for video used as statuses. The change is available for the moment only in India, and we can hope that other regions across the planet will also benefit from it.

WABetaInfo also declared:

…this change was implemented only in India, and it was probably an initiative to reduce the traffic on the server infrastructures. It must be said that it could also consider a move to reduce the traffic for fake news.

Today, with the 2.20.166 beta update, WhatsApp is restoring the old 30 seconds limit. The change is available when you update to this beta, but it might be released for old versions too as a server-side update, and it requires some time to be applied for every user. It’s recommended to update if you want to receive the feature quickly.

We don’t know how exactly the new update for WhatsApp will reduce the traffic for fake news, but surely it’s worth giving the update a try. WhatsApp recently reached an impressive number of users (2 billion), and the amount will keep on growing.



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