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WhatsApp 2.20.120 Beta Update Trials New Group Video Chat Features

In recent times many people have started to use messaging apps to stay in touch with friends, family, or coworkers as social isolation and strict quarantine are practiced in many areas across the world. WhatsApp is a favorite among many users as the messaging app comes with a diverse assortment of features while also being available for the modest “price” of free.

The app can be downloaded and installed in a few minutes. Creating an account is as easy as entering your mobile phone number and the security code which is received via SMS. There is no need to worry about remembering another user name or a password since once the account is created, the app keeps you signed-in for your convenience.

WhatsApp Beta Update Brings New Features, Improvements, and Bug Fixes

WhatsApp harnesses the power and speed of a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to send and seamlessly receive messages. Send or receive messages to and from several people at the same time with the help of the convenient group chat features, which can keep several users updated about the latest topics at the same time.

Sharing is caring, and several types of files can be sent by using the app, including beautiful pictures, short videos, or relevant documents. Voice messages are also an excellent tool when something needs to be told quickly.

It is always lovely to talk to people via voice, and WhatsApp comes with the ability to perform free voice or video calls. Call people from all over the world without the need to worry about your voice plan and enjoy a crystal-clear audio quality and smooth video experience.

WhatsApp contacts will be visible within the in-app address book, which is automatically synchronized with the contacts stored on your device. The latest WhatsApp 2.20.120 Beta update comes with the ability to start group video chats directly from the conversation menu.



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