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What Elements From Previous Titles Should Rockstar Include in GTA 6

Seven long years had passed since Rockstar brought its latest Grand Theft Auto game to the fans. Known as GTA V, it’s still among the most successful open-world games out there, and it won’t go away from that position anytime soon. GTA 5 revolutionized the series by introducing three protagonist characters instead of one, advanced graphics, and many other exciting elements.

Since its debut in 1997 for Windows and MS-DOS, the Grand Theft Auto series had evolved tremendously that you cannot even recognize it anymore if we compare the latest GTA 5 title with the very first game of the series. But as we know that GTA 6 is under development by Rockstar, here’s what elements from older titles the upcoming game should be embracing:

Robbing houses (GTA San Andreas)

GTA San Andreas was far weaker than GTA 5 in terms of graphics, but it was fabulous when it came to gameplay. Robbing houses was one of those most exciting aspects of GTA SA, as you could sneak into a house and steal items like TV sets, microwave ovens, cassettes, and others while you were acting as silent as you can. If the house owner was woken up, he would immediately call the cops, and they were waiting for you as you step outside. Successfully perform a burglar mission, and you could put the items in a van and further stash them in a garage for getting money instead. If you didn’t steal too many items, you’ve guessed it: you were also getting less money.

Burglar missions are some of the most interesting missions in the history of GTA, and we sure hope to see them again in the long-awaited GTA 6 game.

More than one protagonist character (GTA V)

Until GTA 5, every other title of the famous series had only one protagonist. GTA 5 brings three of them: Trevor, Michael, and Franklin. GTA 6 should follow the same recipe, as GTA 5 had done a great job with providing important tasks for each of those characters and even getting them to work together for a common goal. Fans are hoping to see a female character as well in the roster of GTA 6, and that would be a great idea. Who doesn’t like to see a badass chick as she teaches some manners to the naughty boys? Of course, only time will tell for sure what kind of characters we will see in GTA 6.

Realistic mechanics when shooting (GTA IV)

We definitely miss the realistic shooting from GTA 4, when the players were in charge of Niko Bellic, a war veteran who came to the States hoping for a better life. When an NPC got hit by a bullet in GTA 5, he would flinch, limp, or struggle to stay on his feet, depending on the spot where he’s been shot. Any GTA fan misses this kind of realism, and we would be glad to see it again in GTA 6.

Many collectibles

Most of the Grand Theft Auto titles are featuring many collectibles, and there’s no reason to believe that it won’t happen again in GTA 6. The player needs as many reasons as possible to explore the map as much as possible, and collectibles represent a great motivator. GTA 5 as well didn’t run low at this aspect, neither did GTA San Andreas or GTA 4. 

Feel free to tell us in a comment what elements from other GTA games you expect to see again in an upcoming major game of the series! The proposals could be endless, as the series is way too vast and worth exploring. How about an old character coming back, like CJ or Tommy Vercetti?



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