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We Can All Forget About 3D Touch in the iPhone Lineup: Haptic Touch Is Here

The new iPhone SE, just like iPhone XR and iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max, will come with an incredible feature for Haptic Touch, and not 3D Touch. This actually means that 3D Touch has been eliminated from Apple’s iPhone lineup since the now-discontinued iPhone 8 was the last one that came with 3D Touch.

Apple has removed 3D Touch first from one of their devices, iPhone XR in 2018, and replaced it with Haptic Touch. The feature was rolled out to the entire 2019 iPhone lineup. Then, it was added to the iPhone SE. Haptic Touch is similar to 3D Touch, and it comes with the same functionality. However, it is not pressure sensitive, which means that there are no multiple functions for each press, like the “Peek and Pop” gestures, which were possible with 3D Touch.

Haptic Touch is a long press or a press and holds, with haptic feedback. It works throughout the iOS operating system. It can be used by pressing in a suitable location until you feel a small haptic pop under the finger, and you see a secondary menu appearing.

For those of you who are using an iPhone SE, and not a 3D Touch one anymore, the move to Haptic Touch will feel a bit different because it is slower than the 3D Touch gestures. However, it works the same, and most users should be just fine with it.

By getting rid of the 3D Touch, and adding the Haptic Touch in the new iPhone lineup, allows Apple to come with a similar interface for all iPhones and iPads.



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