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Waze Version Beta Fixed A Major Bug!

Waze is amazing! By only driving around and keeping the app open, you share real-time data, which helps other users by providing information about traffic conditions and road structure.

When you use Waze, you can also manually contribute to the community about traffic, accidents, radar traps, closed or blocked roads, weather conditions, and more!

Waze collects that data and rapidly analyzes it to provide other users with the best route to their destination every day!

If you feel like helping other Wazers, you can drive around with the app on your screen. You don’t need to navigate to a specific location – Keeping it open is just enough!

How It Uses The Data

Waze uses the data from your phone or tablet to determine average speed, verify and correct errors, improve road layout, and improve its database of roads and turn directions.

You don’t need to make extra trips with Waze! It works best on the roads you travel the most, so it works wonders for commuters.

Current Version

The app reached version beta, which improved the app’s overall quality and reliability.

Here are the patch notes of the update:

“Fixed a bug, so it’s easier to drive to favorite places that you’ve saved.”

Though the patch notes don’t specify which bug was fixed, we trust that the developers did their jobs correctly and solved the problem that troubled many users.

It’s impressive to see how much Waze has evolved, from being a relative niche app to becoming one of the top apps for navigating and real-time traffic information.

The app is so advanced that many automotive makers opted to implement it in their latest navigation systems.



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