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Waze or Google Maps? Which is Better?

Whether you’re going on vacation to the beach, visiting a country, or searching for a new store in your town, a navigation app is very useful. We simply can’t imagine our lives these days without such an app.

Even though numerous navigation apps are flooding the online stores and the web in general, only two of them proved to be the best: Google Maps and Waze. But the ultimate and inevitable question arises: which one is better?

What is Google Maps?

It’s a navigation app that provides detailed information about different routes by using maps, satellite images, real-time traffic conditions. The app even approximates the time needed for the users to reach their destination.

Google Maps has some pretty impressive features:

  • Voice navigation
  • Additional information on nearby businesses
  • Access to information regarding parking spaces near your destination
  • Real-time location sharing
  • Offers Google Street Views
  • Directions are available even for offline mode
  • Different directions for different ways of traveling
  • Offers Google assistant to help give you directions
  • Spotify integration

What is Waze?

It’s another navigation app owned by Google, which is intended to help drivers navigate the fastest routes. They can even share real-time data and information about the traffic, accidents, speed limits, and other info.

The main features of Waze are the following:

  • Voice navigation options (including your own as well as celebrity voices)
  • Spotify integration
  • Live reports of traffic
  • Access to parking spaces near your destination
  • Supports advertisements


It’s safe to assume that Google Maps is by far the better navigation app. It works even without an Internet connection, it offers different kinds of transportation like public transport, trains, cars as well as walking or biking. The app even provides data like working hours and phone numbers for certain places, and more. All these features are not included in Waze.

Which one of those two apps do you prefer?



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